"The therapy has a direct impact on my mother's level of involvement and expression.  She's developing new neural pathways to have the ability to speak, and she travels freely in the city...She's all over the place and it's amazing."-C.W. (client's son)

"During your sessions they [residents] are more alert and happy...it's like the sadness or confusion floats away and they are dancing away at a place where they are safe and joyful." -Life Enrichment Coordinator of Presbyterian Homes 

"Erica, your presentation was one of the most meaningful that I have ever heard on the subject of dementia.  I am going to share this with...family and friends.  Duplicating your delivery will be difficult, but the impact of this piece is incredibly powerful.  Thanks again for sharing and for your insight and compassion for patients and families going on this rough ride." -Sheryl Weissman

Photo credits: Karie Angel Luc and Mindy Garfinkle Photography