What is Dance/Movement Therapy?

According to the American Dance Therapy Association, dance/movement therapy is the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration of individuals.


In dance/movement therapy, movement is the therapeutic tool used to process feelings and emotions.  The dance/movement therapist uses cues from her own body as well as from the client's to create interventions in the therapeutic relationship. 


This holistic alternative to talk therapy is a wonderful way to express oneself especially when cognition is compromised.  Dance/movement therapy transcends verbal communication and connects the persons mind, body, and soul. 

Benefits of dance/movement therapy include:

Facilitate self-awareness

Enhance self-esteem

Reduce anxiety

Encourage reminiscing

Maintain and/or increases mobility

Enhance body-mind connectivity

Focus on non-verbal communication to enhance emotional and physical wellbeing

When you consider that 80% of communication is non-verbal, why wouldn't you want to consult a dance therapist?

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